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  • Value Investing Practitioner for Maximizing the Long-term Interests of Holders


Kindness Comes First

The essence of investment is to give money to people who can be trusted and expect the increase of the value. We believe that every amount of money people invest in is a pure trust on character and morals. There are many kinds of morality, such as honesty and integrity, but we feel that kindness comes first.

Evolution never stops

We believe that an organization and a person need to cultivate a desire for truth, an ability for critical thinking, a respect for wisdom, create an atmosphere to the bursting and collision of advanced thoughts, in order to keep pace with the times and evolve selves continuously.

Wisdom as Strategy

The basic requirement of wisdom is rationality. We are confident that rational thinking is a must for investors. Meanwhile, it requires diligence, critical thinking, judgment and insight into society, business, and human being. Social changes, the transformation of technology, the development of enterprises, etc. These judgments will ultimately fall on the assessment of the intrinsic value of the enterprise, only in this way can we achieve long-term and sustainable success.

Strive for Progress

The core and sole merit of an asset management company is human. It is natural to enhance individual’s capability when it comes to an elite, facing high-load work over long persistence. Fighters are always fight, love their work and embrace the patience, curiosity and insights.

We are passionate about openness and transparency, creative merit, freedom and equality, team spirit.
  • Openness and Transparency

  • Creative Merit

  • Freedom and Equality

  • Team Spirit