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Foresight Fund Management Company is a national mutual fund management company, approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission, registered in Shanghai with a registered capital of RMB 100 million.

At Foresight Fund, we are committed to becoming a leading long-term value investing institution, pursuing to maximize the long-term interests of holders.

We take the long-term interests of investors first, adhering to the concept of value investing and long-term investment, have a well-known investment team, and established a leading industry expert research team, focusing on equity investment and fixed income investment, providing investment and wealth management products and services for individual and institutional investors. 

We adhere to the professional path centered on the value investing concept and the long-term interests of the holders, establish a matching mechanism and team culture. We also have a scientific and standardized corporate governance structure, a comprehensive and effective risk management system, a highly efficient and stable operation system, a professional and efficient marketing and service system. We adopt the medium to long term incentive mechanism in order to implement the concept of value investing and long-term investment team culture, pursuing to maximize the long-term interests of holders.

  • We Have a Well Experienced Invest & Research Team


    Our investment team holds high reputation in the market and we have established a leading industry expert research team. The core members have rich experience, share common value and team culture.

  • We Adhere to Long-term Value investing


    We adhere to the concept of value investing and long-term investment, attach importance to the fundamental research. Make long-term investment from the collected elite companies, focus on safety margins and pursue the asset value-addad.

  • We Take Long-term Interests of Investors First


    We are committed to becoming a leading long-term value investing institution, pursuing to maximize the long-term interests of holders.


April 29th, 2019, Shanghai Foresightfund Foundation was established with the approval of Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.

March 21st, 2019, launched the first mutual fund: Foresight Growth Value Blended  Securities Investment Fund, established on March 26th, 2019 successfully.

December 2018, launched the first Collective Asset Management Plan.

November 19th, 2018, received Operating Securities and Futures Business License.

November 22nd, 2018, announced the establishment of Foresight Fund Management, Ltd.

October 24th, 2018, received Reply on the Approval of the Establishment of Foresight Fund Management, Ltd issued by China Securities Regulatory Commission;

October 29th, 2018, completed the industrial and commercial registration.